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How to choose the perfect Engagement Ring

Have you been shopping around for a while yet can't seem to find "The One"?  After a while do all the Diamond rings start to look the same?  We suggest you visit a manufacturing jeweller near you and start asking questions.  Firstly find out what type of gold does she prefer? Yellow gold, Rose gold or White gold? Then take a look at what other styles of rings she likes and wears are they "bling bling" or more subtle? Does she have lower settings or higher settings. Really sus out her style and what she leans towards for her jewellery style.  Purposely walk past some jewellery stores and watch where her eyes wander to you might see a sparkle in...

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Surprising Facts about Diamonds

A diamond loses 50% of its weight in the cutting and polishing process. In order for a rough diamond to reach its full potential it will undergo a cutting and polishing process; during which, the diamond will lose up to 50% of its original rough carat weight on average. This is a necessary evil as a diamond cut to perfect proportion and symmetry will display the ultimate combination of fire, brilliance and scintillation. Diamonds are not always colourless/white Diamonds actually come in a wide array of colors, from blues - like the Hope Diamond - and pinks to yellows and browns. It USED to be, once upon a time, that brown and yellow diamonds were considered less valuable than the...

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Maintain your Jewellery like new

Though it is always advised for you to get your Jewellery inspected and refreshed by a jeweller,  there are many things you can do on your own to care for and protect your jewellery.  Every piece of jewellery in an investment and a memory and it can be maintained like new by avoiding some very real problems that arise from improper storage, heat, light and exposure to harmful chemicals. Rather than having you to read the whole post and giving you the most valuable tip at the last, let me give you the most valuable tip right in the beginning. This is most often overlooked - it is the way you properly store the jewellery at the end of each...

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