How to choose the perfect Engagement Ring

Have you been shopping around for a while yet can't seem to find "The One"? 

After a while do all the Diamond rings start to look the same? 

We suggest you visit a manufacturing jeweller near you and start asking questions. 

Firstly find out what type of gold does she prefer? Yellow gold, Rose gold or White gold?

Then take a look at what other styles of rings she likes and wears are they "bling bling" or more subtle? Does she have lower settings or higher settings. Really sus out her style and what she leans towards for her jewellery style. 

Purposely walk past some jewellery stores and watch where her eyes wander to you might see a sparkle in her eye as she sees the style of ring that captures her heart. This will give you a clearer idea of what she is hoping for, be attentive I promise she will drop hints 😉 Just watch for them.

Check out her instagram or pinterest pages if she's been thinking about it there will be hints on there of what style she likes.

Once you have done the detective work come in and see one of our experts we can even custom design the exact ring of her dreams for you.

Remember engagement rings are something that will be worn every day for the rest of her life! Make sure you get quality that will last.

When you find "The One" make sure you ask the right questions such as

"Is this the type of quality that will last a lifetime?"

"If I get the size wrong how long does it take to resize?"

"What insurance should I have on this piece?" 

"Have I got the right gold colour that she wears?"

"Is this a style I've seen her admire before?"

"What warranty ongoing maintenance and care will I get with this purchase"?

All of these things are what we offer our clients plus more. 

If you are looking for "The One" You need a qualified team like Lippitts to help you make the right decision. 

Book an appointment or visit us at Elizabeth City Centre and we will help you.